Waiting for Santa Claus in order to save the life of Arvind

Santa Claus
Santa Claus
This is a miracle waiting to Chanderpaul helpless over Christmas . With the hope that their home will suddenly Santa Claus and gifts poured into his son's life has won . Arvind per second is moving towards death and hitting Muflisi life is going to lose .

Each side had lost hope Mirganj both of turmeric Kalan village resident Chanderpaul 's son Arvind Kidnian has failed . Treat - provided he has become a pauper . Has now come to the point of Fanke at home but no mind . Try move all but stops helplessness .

Chanderpaul explains the fateful day of his life was the day . The doctor said the elder son of Arvind both kidneys are failing . Operation would entail . Then began the Jiddojhd to save son's life to this day . On the other hand concerns the treatment of child maintenance is the responsibility of the family . Is dialysis , the blood is
needed . He 's somehow true sacchidanand Santram Sunil Khatri made ​​available . Arvind also give some help , but so over the head of the shadow of death can not be avoided . Should big bucks for its operation . He says Arvind are more than five children . All are smaller than Arvind .

It's only daughter is married to peace . Renu and Devaki two daughters who are still studying . Anupam their lack of money and other sons , Kuldeep and Devesh education is also on the verge of closure .
Return to despair Ganav

Chanderpaul said to help treat son helped many places to complain , but disappointed with the place . There was a lot of helping financial support . There is no direct access to the people's representatives , so they could not help complaining . Previously lived in the city . When he returned to the village , the springs subsist three acres are cultivated.

Santa Claus, India, Kidney Fail | Waiting for Santa Claus in order to save the life of Arvind

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